Houston Event Update:

Dear Participants,

Recent delays and logistical issues with our host venue, The University of Houston, have created a situation where we believe producing Rave Night Run on the previously scheduled date will not meet our standards for guest experience. For this reason, we have no choice but to move our Rave Night Run Houston event to Saturday June 18th. While we never like to do so, we have been assured by our host that there will be no further issues. We apologize for this event update, but we felt that it was imperative to inform you of this change immediately.

If you have already registered for the Houston event, your registration is still good and you don’t need to do anything- just show up at twilight on June 18th, get covered in glow dust, and have an awesome time!

Your experience is our #1 priority. Should you not be able to participate on the new date for some reason, we will be more than happy to provide you with a complimentary transfer to any other Rave Night Run event, including the next one we produce in your city. We will also provide you with a discount code so your friends can join you at our festival. We are excited about this Houston event, and we are pulling out all the stops. We’re ready to give you the incredible experience that you expect.

Rave Night Run Headquarters